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So, you want to work with us?

A Little About Us

BonzoBox is a young startup company focused on making the web simple and fun to use by offering a user-friendly homepage to our users.

We are a diverse team with many different backgrounds. We're also distributed across North America, although the bulk of the team and the company headquarters is in California.

Who should apply

The successful applicant will be able to get good work done without a boss standing over your shoulder all day. If you're awesome that's great too. Beyond that, check out the next section for individual openings.

What's available

Advertising Sales Reps

We are looking for commission-based sales reps to sell advertising on BonzoBox, primarily in the United States. We are offering an extremely generous commission on all of your sales. If you're experienced in sales and looking for some extra cash, (perhaps you sold cars until everyone stopped buying them), this is an excellent opportunity for you.

Graphic & Web Design Interns

We are seeking an energetic, entrepreneurial Graphic & Web Design intern to be part of our team. We are especially looking for individuals who are self-motivated, collaborative in nature, can wear many hats, and will thrive in a start-up environment.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborate with other Designers, Engineers, and our leadership team to determine graphic design specs, site organization, requirements and timelines
  • Work within the existing BonzoBox design, (layout, look and feel), to create additional graphics for the website and offline promotional materials
  • Work with the team on the design of new products, using the existing BonzoBox look and feel as a starting point.
  • Work closely with the team to evaluate existing and proposed site designs and make recommendations for improvements to user experience


  • Must have a passion for consumer-facing Web design
  • Experience designing for mobile applications a plus
  • Must have an interest in user-centered design principles and brainstorming/mocking up design ideas for user testing
  • Must feel comfortable working through all stages from conceptual through final execution
  • Must have strong problem solving skills and the ability to think creatively with good attention to detail
  • Must be able to communicate clearly, both verbally and visually
  • Must work well under pressure and have the ability to multi-task
  • Must be proficient with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Must have a working knowledge of HTML, FTP and Javascript
  • Must have a working knowledge of website accessibility
  • Must have some understanding of the unique challenges of designing for the web vs. offline design, (and be willing to learn more)
  • Likeable person who garners respect on and off the job
  • Thrive on chaos, risk, and uncertainty
  • Should be easy to get along with, a self-starter, a team player, nice, fun, smart, ethical, and low-maintenance

Development Interns

We are looking for interns to work with our programming team to help speed BonzoBox along its development roadmap. This is not a coffee-fetching internship. You will work directly with our CTO developing new features, fixing bugs, improving performance, and more. If you are thinking about a career building high-powered websites you should be applying for a BonzoBox internship.

As a BonzoBox developement intern you need some experience in some or all of these products:

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AWS

If you've used the DOMAssistant Javascript library that's an extra bonus.

There may also be space for an extra-special intern to create a specialized native Windows application. If you're interested tell us in your cover letter.

Marketing & Other Interns

We are looking for web-based & viral marketing interns. If you focus in marketing and are looking for work experience we would love for you to apply.

If you are not a programmer or marketer, but want work experience with a dynamic internet startup and feel that you can bring something special to the company we want to hear from you as well. Make a good enough case as to why we need to have you as an intern and we'll bring you on board.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the form on the right. All fields are required.
  2. In your cover letter be sure to include 5 things you think BonzoBox needs. Yes, this is a test.
  3. Enjoy yourself while we struggle through the masses of resumés.

We anticipate a high volume of applicants and doubt that we will be able to respond to everbody individually, but we'll try, and if we want you then you will hear from us.

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