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Welcome to BonzoBox – The Next Generation

Welcome to the next generation of BonzoBox. It's been tested for a while now and we're excited to finally take off the covers and bring you in. Since there are quite a few differences from the previous generation we've put together this page to make your transition as easy as possible.

Lines of Communication

The conversation between you, our faithful community, and the team behind BonzoBox, (Kolin, Ryan, Adam, Brian, and John), is extremely important. So, how do we tell each other what's going on?

  • We've set up a BonzoBox forum on Uservoice where you can post feedback, but reports, feature requests, and anything else. You can also vote on ideas that other have posted so it becomes obvious what is the most wanted. The BonzoBox forum is at and you can post ideas to it by clicking the red "feedback" tab on the right side of every page on BonzoBox or the "Send Feedback" link right under the BonzoBox logo. We'll be there too.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @bonzobox. John monitors the Twitter account and will do his best to get back to you if you send us messages there.
  • E-mail us at feedback [at] bonzobox dot com.
  • There is a list of the latest changes at, (click "Changes" under the BonzoBox logo to get to it anytime).

What to Expect

We're working hard to make sure that everything works as expected but the site is being actively developed, (let's say it's in perpetual Beta), so there may be some hiccups along the way. If there's something that you notice is wrong let us know.

We've done away with the separate E-mail tab and are putting E-mail sites with everything else. For now we've simply placed your E-mail sites into the first four positions in your BonzoBox, but you're free to put them wherever you want.

So, what's new?

We've developed this next generation of BonzoBox with a focus on simplicity and speed. The new BonzoBox should not only load faster, but be easier and faster to use. Here are the bullet points about what we've added:

  • Larger screenshots: Thumbnails of your sites are now 46% larger than they were, and when zoomed are even larger than that.
  • Faster load times: When you first visit the new BonzoBox your browser has less than half as much to download as before.. When you sign in there may be about as much as before, but it's mostly your new, larger screenshots, which are easier for your web browser to display.
  • New, widescreen, edition: If you have a widescreen computer you can switch to the widescreen edition of the new BonzoBox so you get both larger screenshots and the same number of sites per page as before.
  • List View or Grid View on all pages: Any list of sites can now be toggled between list and grid view. This includes your sites, your friends sites, and search results. Just click the "list" or "grid" buttons at the top & bottom of the sites, beside the page numbers, (there are keyboard shortcuts for this too - try to guess what they are!).
  • Power Sidebar: Friends, and tags now handled in a sidebar that's present on all pages.
  • Drag & drop mania - but only where it's needed. We've added drag & drop interaction to many places on the site and taken it away where it got in the way. If there's anything you're not sure how to do, try dragging the thing your trying to change, (like drag a site onto a friend to share it with him or her).
  • HTML5: You've probably heard the buzzword, and maybe read about the fights between Apple and Adobe. In the meantime we've been rebuilding the new BonzoBox in pure HTML5. At the moment you may not notice huge differences, but we have the ability to do some new, cool, stuff.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: We've added a bunch of keyboard shortcuts. We're not publishing a definitive list now so we encourage you to explore, but try pressing the g and l keys while looking at any bunch of sites.
  • Reduced E-mail functionality: We found that not many people were using the E-mail page so we've merged everything into one. You can no longer see your new messages, but you also don't have to click to the E-mail tab to get to your webmail providers - they go right in with the rest of your sites. A note about login data: We haven't ruled out some sort of unread message notifier yet.
  • No more IE6: Supporting Internet Explorer 6 took up almost half of our development time. It's really old and not many people are using it so we're no longer supporting it. If you need help upgrading Internet Explorer or installing an alternate browser, or simply want to chat about this drop us a line at feedback [at] bonzobox dot com
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