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Latest BonzoBox Changes

These are the latest changes that have been made in the BonzoBox beta test.

February 20, 201312:45 PM PST
  • Fixed an issue where screenshots that aren't ready show up as broken images.
  • Signin in is now way faster.
  • Non-Facebook users now have an avatar by their names at the top of the site.
February 5, 20136:36 PM PST
  • Add a fee when signing up to BonozBox.
  • Improved sign in flow when signing in with Facebook.
  • Improved sign up flow when signing up with Facebook.
  • Removed captcha from signup process.
  • Added an Account Status page to show people the status of their account.
  • Updated the Welcome Page. It's not perfect yet, but this is a step in the right direction.
  • Updated the Import Bookmarks page design.
  • Updated the Import Bookmarks from Delicious page design.
  • Fixed bookmark importing.
  • Updated the Bookmarklet page design.
  • Updated several other pages, (Contact, About, etc), to look right in Internet Explorer.
  • Added a sweet animation to the button when signing up.
January 23, 20135:26 PM PST
  • Enable BonzoBox over SSL.
December 11, 20127:12 PM PST
  • Update toolbar design.
November 14, 20121:05 PM PST
  • Update database queries to improve uptime.
12:42 PM PST
  • Fix some widths when you're logged out.
November 12, 201210:00 PM PST
  • Fix password reset, (it works again).
  • Fix styling when a site is deleted.
12:42 PM PST
  • Fix some widths when you're logged out.
November 9, 201212:42 PM PST
  • Fix performance issues that have been affecting the site this week.
October 23, 20129:12 PM PST
  • Caching enhancements: You shouldn't get stuck with old files making the site look wonky, and your browser should cache files better so pages load faster.
  • Use CDN for Scripts, Styles, and some images: This should make the BonzoBox load a bit faster.
  • Fix widescreen bug when not logged in.
  • Fix screen width and screenshot size when adding sites using the bookmarklet.
October 13, 201212:15 PM PST
  • Bigger Screenshots!
  • Display titles of sites in grid view, (as requested by you, our users)!
  • Remove sidebar.
  • Fix annoying bug where hovering a screenshot in a Webkit-based browser, (Chrome, Safari), would sometimes make it shudder.
August 1, 20127:53 AM PST
  • Remove Bing search, (API discontinued by Bing).
July 9, 20126:42 PM PST
  • Fix a problem where error messages would not be displayed on the login form.
  • Improve Facebook friend auto-suggest when sharing sites to Facebook with Internet Explorer.
June 27, 20122:12 PM PST
  • Make new user menu work better on touch devices
  • Fix a problem where sometimes sites couldn't be added
  • Make it so you can post to a friend's wall on Facebook by typing his or her name, (you don't have to select from the auto-suggest list anymore).
  • Tweak the location of the new user menu
June 26, 201212:22 PM PST
  • Fix background issue in Internet Explorer
  • Fix Facebook auto-suggest in Internet Explorer
9:15 AM PST
  • Re-build Facebook integration so it works properly.
  • Tweak design.
  • A bunch of behind-the-scenes improvements.
March 8, 201212:33 PM PST
  • Fix a bug where the URL field might not appear in the Add Site dialog box on certain pages.
  • Fix a bug where two screenshots might appear in the Add Site dialog box.
  • Make the top toolbar appear sooner as the page loads.
  • Tweak colors in Internet Explorer
February 29, 20121:24 PM PST
  • Update the look of several more pages.
  • Tweak the landing page.
12:36 PM PST
  • Fix a bug where clicking the Sign Out link did nothing.
  • Fix a bug where sometimes pagination links would not appear.
  • Update the look of the contact page, changelog, and beta info page.
December 16, 201111:40 AM PST
  • Tweak background slightly.
  • Make the Sign In page look much better.
  • Make the Sign Up page look much better, and have clearer messages when there's a problem.
  • Fix several small display bugs for users of older versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Temporarily remove non-functional Facebook login so it can be fixed.
November 17, 20115:10 PM PST
  • Put up a brand new landing page.
  • Fixed some nasty bugs in Internet Explorer.
  • Update the pre-populated sites that appear when you're not logged in.
October 21, 20113:03 PM PDT
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you might see a screenshot of a site in the "Add Site" dialog, but then you would get the "Your Screenshot Will Appear here" image after the site was saved.
October 14, 201111:26 PM PDT
  • Sites should now have a screenshot created when they are added to BonzoBox.
September 19, 201110:20 AM PDT
  • Performance enhancements.
September 16, 20115:50 AM PDT
  • Performance enhancements.
June 9, 20117:33 PM PDT
  • Fix a bug moving sites from one page to another.
  • Remove the "Coming Soon" screenshots from Bing search results.
April 27, 20118:25 AM PST
  • Replace broken Google search with Bing search.
February 1, 20112:00 AM PST
  • Improve performance of tag-based searches.
December 14, 20106:20 AM PST
  • Turn Off the "Welcome to the Upgraded BonzoBox" message – it's been up long enough.
  • More speed optimizations.
December 4, 201012:54 PM PST
  • More speed improvements for search.
December 2, 201010:05 PM PST
  • Improve caching in search so it's much faster.
  • Add descriptions to sites in community search & tag views when available.
December 1, 201010:25 PM PST
  • Update search to be faster.
November 23, 201010:47 AM PST
  • Fixed a but where the dialog box would stay open after adding a site to a page other than the page you are on.
November 22, 20101:00 PM PST
  • Updated the Import Bookmarks page to have the new design.
  • Added a link to the Import Bookmarks page in the "My Settings" menu at the top of the site.
November 15, 20101:30 AM PST
  • Updated to use the new design!
November 12, 20109:38 PM PST
  • Update some back-end software.
  • Put redirections in place for IE6.
  • Added a nice "Welcome to the New BonzoBox" header.
  • Changed the Bookmarklet installation page to the new design.
  • Changed the page that you see after you sign up to the new design.
  • Changed the bookmark importer pages to the new design.
  • Cleaned up a few bugs in the bookmark importer.
  • Changed the contact page to the new design.
  • Changed the account activation page to the new design.
  • Changed the Advertising contact page to the new design.
  • Made it so clicking "Send Feedback" under the logo will bring up the Uservoice feedback widget.
  • Changed the recruiting page to the new design.
  • Changed the Terms of Use page to the new design.
  • Changed the Privacy Policy page to the new design.
  • Changed the About page to the new design.
November 10, 20102:58 PM PST
  • Fix some bugs that sending sites to friends.
November 10, 20108:51 PM PST
  • Fix a bug where the signin link may not have been visible in the site header.
  • Added a Sign Up link in the header.
  • Fix a bug where some data was not saved properly when signing up.
  • Fix display bugs in signup page and transitioned it to the new design.
  • Made Google the default search type in the header search box.
November 8, 20101:41 PM PST
  • Fix up the Add to Site window used by the BonzoBox Bookmarklet.
  • Make the sign-in page look good.
November 4, 20102:31 PM PDT
  • A bunch of small behind-the-scenes tweaks.
  • Re-added an advertisement at the bottom of several pages on the site, (hey - we've got to pay the bills!).
November 2, 20105:14 PM PDT
  • Fix Google Search so it works
  • Fix some warnings that were appearing when searching.
  • Make it so we can still zoom screenshots in list view.
  • Make sites that have been sent by friends look better.
October 25, 20107:27 PM PDT
  • Major design update
  • An option to search your own sites has been added to the search field at the top of the site.
  • Sites no longer have to be dragged to the sidebar to post to Facebook or E-mail to friends. You can now click a link that appears when you hover over a site in grid view and is always there in list view.
September 23, 201011:35 PM PDT
  • Fix a problem where guests' sites were not being properly saved.
  • Update the Facebook login button.
  • Slightly improve common tag filtering
  • Improve the way Drag and Drop works in Google Chrome.
  • Make it possible to highlight text in the Edit Site dialog box.
  • Fix a bug in Internet Explorer where a site might be left above its proper position.
4:29 PM PDT
  • Hide the "i", "up", and "dn" buttons in list view.
4:18 PM PDT
  • Fix a problem that sometimes prevented sites from appearing in search results.
  • Fix a problem that sometimes led to unexpected sites appearing in search results.
  • Fix a problem where sometimes it wasn't possible to add people as friends.
September 22, 20102:51 PM PDT
  • Fix a bug made it impossible to edit a site's information if it was in the first spot on the second page.
  • Fix a bug that caused sites added by clicking an empty box on pages other than the first page to be sent to the first page.
September 21, 20108:25 PM PDT
  • Fix bug that prevented the Facebook Share dialog box from loading properly if you are not signed in to Facebook
  • Put the cursor in the "E-mail" field in the sign-in dialog box.
  • Make it so really long titles with no spaces wrap properly in list view in Google Chrome.
  • Fix a bug that prevented the Add Site dialog box from closing when adding a site as a Guest.
August 21, 201012:33 AM PDT
  • Fix Facebook session bug - now you don't have to log in to Facebook to publish to your stream, so long as you've given the right permissions.
August 20, 201010:03 PM PDT
  • Make it so you can post sites to your Facebook wall by dragging them to the "Post to Facebook" option in the sidebar.
August 19, 201010:25 PM PDT
  • Make the E-mail sharing tab go near the top of the sidebar.
  • Re-enable logging in with your Facebook account, but using the new Facebook APIs.
August 5, 201011:07 PM PDT
  • Make several E-mails, (like friend requests), look much better.
9:19 PM PDT
  • Added a new section called E-mail on the sidebar. If you drag a site onto it it'll allow you to E-mail the site to any E-mail address you please.
  • Added the logged-in user's E-mail address as the reply-to E-mail when sharing sites, (both with the new E-mail option and when sharing by dragging onto your BonzoBox friends in the sidebar).
August 3, 20108:29 PM PDT
  • Added the ability to collapse sidebar blocks by clicking on their titles.
7:03 PM PDT
  • Updated sharing notification E-mails so they look a lot nicer.
  • Improved delivery of sharing notification E-mails
July 28, 201011:57 AM PDT
  • Make it so screenshots show properly when adding sites both on the scriptlet page and through the Add a Site dialog.
11:00 AM PDT
  • Update the page that is shown when you use the BonzoBox scriptlet to the new style & system.
June 21, 20102:35 PM PDT
  • Tweak search algorithm for more complete and more accurate search results.
  • Fix bug where pagination in searches linked to tag searches, not normal searches.
1:06 PM PDT
  • Fix problems adding and editing sites in Safari
  • Fix problems adding and editing sites in all browsers when viewing sites by tag
  • Fix session problem when visiting legacy BonzoBox after a visit to
  • Merge a bug fix from legacy BonzoBox where confirmation E-mails were not being send
June 15, 201012:26 PM PDT
  • Fix a bug in Safari where parts of dialog boxes were hidden by the sides of the browser.
June 10, 20109:15 AM PDT
  • Make it so that "Remind me later" waits longer before re-offering the Beta opportunity on legacy BonzoBox
8:07 AM PDT
  • Improve changelog formatting.
June 3, 20109:38 AM PDT
  • Make it possible to permanently select the beta version of BonzoBox when asked.
8:59 AM PDT
  • Turn on-demand thumbnail generation back on using the improved system.
May 28, 20105:19 AM PDT
  • Turned off on-demand thumbnail generation while we improve the on-demand system.
May 17, 20104:47 AM PDT
  • Fixed a problem where the edit site dialog showed a private site as not private after submitting an edit.
  • Tried to fix reported problems of not being able to click through to sites by treating micro-drags as clicks.
  • Fixed a problem where an error indicator was displayed outside of add/edit site forms.
  • Added icons to error/valid indicators in add/edit site forms.
  • Fixed a typo.
May 7, 20109:31 AM PDT
  • Update some colors.
May 5, 20107:12 AM PDT
  • Beta Test Started
  • Changelog created